Windows Live Essentials 2011

They’ve ONLY ever announced them in the community.    I am reasonably sure that they were NEVER linked on the main product page, but I wouldn’t stake my life on it.

All you have to do is look at the very top of the FIRMWARE forum, and you’ll see STICKY posts that have been there since these betas began.

But to answer your question, most likely yes:   They will only be presented here.

RoofingGuy wrote:

When there is no beta currently being offered, the same links will 404… they take the pages back down.

… which makes it wise to download the rollback package along with the beta… just in case you want to roll back, and the page is down when you go looking for the rollback package… it makes things a little easier.

No, they have linked the betas on the product update page, but only for a couple of days or so.

I know, since this is the only place I have been visiting before, when downloading betas.

Anyways, I’ll try the new beta and see how it goes.

So can we get any answer from the staff about the Windows Live Essentials 2011 problem?

I’m guessing a lot of users want to be able to use both WDTV and Live Essentials without any issues…l

A workaround is more than welcome.

Some workarounds for you might include using the media server built in to win7, or software like Twonky, but they have their own limitations, or to use an outboard inexpensive NAS box.

I would actually like to use Media Servers, there are only one problem.

I am using subtitle files (.srt) with most of my videos, and there does not seem to be any media server that also shares them along with the videos. If there where, I would actually prefer Media Share instead of Network Share.

Also I’ll need a Media Server that will support not only .avi files but .ISO (DVDs) and .mkv files. To bad the Windows Media Server doesn’t support those.

Supposedly there’s a plugin to get MKV support in Windows Media Server, but I’m not sure.

You can get subtitles to work if they are IN the file; you could re-mux your AVIs to MKVs using MKVMerge 4.0, and include the SRT INSIDE the file.

Yepp, I could re-mux all my mkv files, but that would be one hell of job to do, since I have hundreds of mkv files that needs to be re-muxed. It’s simply not an option :frowning:

I don’t think that there is any way to get mkv support through Windows Media Server, and if you could, the re-muxing job still would needs to be done. I’ve tried some other Media Servers, sure they will get the subtitles to display, but I want the option to turn them off through the menu on WDTV, just like I am able to do through Network Shares…

My hope is to have a Media Server that would place the .srt files IN the mkvs when the video is being played, without any transcoding etc, so I’ll be able to change subtitles while playing and also change the audio track.

I’ll just hope Microsoft takes the Samba share issue with Live Essentials for real and fix it in the future, or if Western Digital will make a fix for it…

Well, it’s not up to Microsoft to fix.  They changed they way they want to authenticate things, and it works fine from within Windows.  They’re allowed to make changes to their own protocols, and aren’t responsible for ensuring backwards-compatability with third-party software that tries to use their protocols.  Kinda like when they change the Operating System and end up putting files in a different folder from where they used to be – that’s their choice – it’s not up to them to “fix” programs that look for those files in a different location.

The two issues are that older versions of Samba won’t work at all with the new authentication protocol, and that newer versions of Samba ended up with a bug.

It would be up to WD to completely re-write the firmware, using a patched, newer version of Samba.  I’m sure they’d like to do it, but nobody really knows for sure if or when it will get done.

Has any staff commented on the issue yet? On another thread perhaps?

I haven’t seen any staff comments about it here, but then you’ve been registered longer than I have. :wink:

Has anyone tried this?

That won’t work for most people because secpol.msc is only available in like Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate.

*Most* people are going to Have Win7 Home, and that’s not possible to change.

I recently had the same problem as everyone else after a recommended windows update from Microfot for Windows Live Essentials 2011. 

I have Windows 7 Pro X64 and after much google searching found something that worked for me. 

1. Start > type ‘Secpol.msc’ … Navigate to ‘Local Policies’ > ‘Security Options’ > ‘Network access: Restrict anonymous access to Named Pipes and Shares’ … changed from ‘enabled’ to ‘disabled’. 

  1. Preform the following registry changes…

a. Navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa’ … 

i. On the right side, double-click on ‘everyoneincludesanonymous’ and change the ‘Value data’ from ‘0’ to ‘1’

ii. On the right side, double-click on ‘NoLmHash’ and change the ‘Value data’ from ‘1’ to ‘0’

b. Navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters’

i. Double-click on ‘restrictnullsessaccess’ and change the ‘Value data’ from ‘1’ to ‘0’ (Note: this value was allready set to 0 for me)

  1. Re-boot your PC, then navigate to the network shares on WDTV Live and hopefully this will work for you to.

The registry changes may not be necessary, all you may need to do is step 1, but I did both and got it to work after a re-boot of my PC.

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That didn’t worked out for me. After making these modifications, my WD TV Live can’t find my computer on the network anymore (network share - it still finds using media server) .

I’ve tried only the secpol.msc modification, and both (registry and secpol). I don’t know what is happening!


I received the windows essentials update today.

I’ve tried the suggestions posted above with no joy.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried anything else

TwistedNRG, thats fkn awesome!

I can confirm that your solution works for me. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit.

Had to perform the registry changes for it to work though.

First I tried only the 1. and then reboot with no success. After making the registry changes as well, everything is working now.

cool, I figured both steps were necessary for it to work, but at first I just did the registry fix and it didn’t work until i did step 1 which is why I thought only step 1 was needed but I guess both steps are necessary. Good to here it worked for you as well. 

Gotta say, this is a great work-around which I guess many people will be glad to use.

But, what are the security risks by doing this? Maybe someone with more knowledge in the area could answer. I’m hoping there aren’t any major risks involved…

I don’t believe there are any security issues with this workaround, all this does is enable anonymous access for non Microsoft propitiatory devices to your network and shared files. Before the update devices such as WDTV used anonomous access to brows files you have shared on your network. This just re-enables that access. As long as you have a password protected network, possibly even using a MAC filter on your wireless router or even hiding your SSID so no one will attempt to access your network then there will be no issues. Your router is your strongest source of protection from lurking neighbours and the internal firewall on your router is more then enough to keep the average person / computer thief at bay. Even if you did not do this work around and someone still broke into your home network, a Windows Live Sign In ID Assistant would not stop that person for accessing your files if they really wanted to. 

If you have a wired home network then there is nothing to worry about. As far as I know, these changes only affect your home network.

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