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After installing software for MyCloud, windows explorer is stopping from time to time and restarting, and many time if freez on me. I have laters firmware / software from WD site. I even have the firewall off to avoid conflict.  Any one have same issue.

Operating system Windows Pro 64 bit. 

Forgot to mentione that onther than that problem everithing else is working fine, local & remote.

Any errors? either on screen or in event viewer

how frequentlky does this happen?

during some operation? or while idle?

do you have more then 1 PC? same issue on both?

Use the following link and see if the provided information will solve your problem. It solved mine.

See image below as this is what you will probable see. Explorer is what you will need to copy and paste.

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cat0w (USA)

WD Smart Ware Windows 2.4.4 makes Windows Explorer has stopped working

 2ea. Win 7 Pro Sp1 64 bit PC that have run perefect with no issue.  

After installing WD Smart Ware Windows release 2.4.4  and setting up the following services to automatic:

  • Net tcp (listener & port sharing)  = automatic
  • Network discovery   = automatic
  • All services that start with “network”   = automatic
  • Ssdp discovery   = automatic  
  • Upnp device host   = automatic
  • Volume shadow copy   = automatic
  • Workstation   = automatic

I start having both PC with Windows Explorer has stopped working

Microsoft support tells me.

  • Some applications or services running on your PC may be causing Windows Explorer to stop working

Unhappy with 6TB New MyCloud that waspurchased to backup 5 PC and mobile devices.

Not going to happen since it is not compatible with Win7 Pro 64

The Backup up program is not freindly

I like it to download to a file I choose. Not having to login to WD My Cloud to Cut and Paiste it to the files.

It does not back up all files. It seem to choose what it wants to backup and leave other files behind.

Not what I paid for  and I expect an UPDATE to be tested before you send out to the public.


NOTE the issue is WD programs and setup

I have uninstalled all WD program from Win7 Pro Sp1 64 Bit and all put all win7 servies

back to before.  This PC is working perfect with no issue.

The 2nd PC has your programs on it and setup per Tech support [Deleted]

Yes is still does Window Exploer issue when I click on WD My Cloud

Both of these Win 7 PC are kept updated.

Customer that have paid for this product should be listen too when a probem or bug.

Note I am sending this product back to newegg for a full refund.

I have a WDMyCloudMirror 2TB drive and the My Cloud desktop application does the same thing.  Everything works good until you close down the application.  Then I get the continued notices that Windows Explorer has Stopped Working, followed by Windows Exporer has Re-started.  This continues until I reboot the PC.  I’ve resigned myself to no use this application.  Fortunately, there are other ways to access the drive.

From an local computer File Explorer or Finder are generally the best way to access the drive. the only time i find the app better is is you need to move a lot of data from one location to another within the mycloud.

So larryg0, do you have the same issues with windows explorer crashing and re-starting?