Windows Explorer crashes when 2TB MyPassport unlocked

Hi, I’ve got a 2TB MyPassport that ran fine on Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 10, two issues came up:

-The drive no longer unlocks automatically when the computer wakes up from sleep mode, meaning that I have to keep manually running WD Unlocker. This is causing a number of problems for backup, file retrieval, etc.

-Running WD Unlocker results in Windows Explorer crashing shortly thereafter. Then, as long as the drive is unlocked, Explorer will continue to crash periodically. Trying to transfer a large number of files between the WD HDD and my computer means that explorer is almost guaranteed to crash mid-transfer.

-Other HDDs do not have this issue. And other programs can read to and write from the WD HDD without issue. Explorer (almost) never crashes if the drive has not been unlocked. But for some reason Explorer and MyPassport (or WD Unlocker) are not getting along.

Any ideas on what could be done about this?

Hi there,

Try to do a fresh new installation of WD security to see if this helps. You can also setup the password on the drive again to see if the reason the drive does not automatically unlock is because the operating system changed.

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Thanks for the suggestion—I’ve tried that, and it seems to be working right now. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, but hopefully that’s fixed things.