Windows Explorer closes as soon as Unlocker unlocks

When I connect my My Book, Windows Explorer (W8.1) shows the WD Unlocker drive as Drive F. I run Unlock.exe. When I enter the password and press “unlock” I get a message that my files are unlocked, but when I then press press “Exit”, the 3 drives on My Book (X, Y and Z) show on Explorer for about 1 second, then Explorer closes. Sometimes Explorer just closes without me seeing the X, Y and Z Drives. Upon re-starting Explorer, there is no sign of F, X, Y or Z Drives and I have repeated this process several times, starting with re-connecting My Book.

A few days ago I upgraded to the latest sofware and did a successful backup to my Drive X. Now I cannot access X, nor can I do a backup to Drive Y and Z (using different backup programs).

Can anyone help fix the issue of Explorer closing?

Does this happen on another computer as well?

I don’t understand the question - the problem was on my laptop. It seems to have sorted itself out although there are different problems now! But thanks for enquiring