Windows Explorer cannot see folders and files backup of My Document

Hi There,

From Windows 7 - I have backed up ‘My Document’ (ie “C:\Users\naser\My Documents”) and other folders to WD “My Passport” 230GB using Microsoft’s Robocopy utility. I ran Robocopy as Administrator. The file system is NTFS in bolth C drive and Passport.

Robocopy just makes ‘copies’ of folders like native xcopy.Therefore - the foleders and its contents are browsable with Windows Explorer.

After I login as normal user account (naser) in Windows 7 (or another PC that runs Windows XP) which has administratrive priviledge - I can browse through the folders/files that were not originally under the My Document folder; but I can even not see the My Document.

The parent folder ‘Users’ (in the backup) - has full control for everyone.

I permitted “naser” full control on “Users” and its subfolders. But the situation is same.

How can I see these folders and files in Windoes 7 or XP explorer?

Please help!

Hi there, My advice to you is to retrieve the files on a Windows XP computer and then transfer them back with Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop. The fact that is a different operating system also means  the path for the original location has changed.