Windows Eventlog EventID 500 - Completing a failed Read SCSI SRB request - WD SES

Yesterday I faced a problem with a 2TB WD Mybook: I could not copy files from this drive to another drive.
Windows CHKDSK did not report any errors, neither running SFC.
After about 20-30 seconds or so, the copy process is aborted with an error:
“A device which does not exist was specified.”

  1. There were 6 (six) WD external drives connected. Under Windows Device Manager
    under “Portable Devices” all 6 drives were listed.
    under “WD Drive Management Devices” only 5 “WD SES Device” entries were listed.

  2. This morning, after PC boot, I switched on that drive (only that drive) and copy process went fine.
    The drive is listed under 'Portable Devices" and there is 1 WD SES Device entry.

  3. Yesterday (with all 6 drives enabled): checking for update drives on this MyBook 2TB drive, WIndows report that the ‘best drivers’ were already installed (WPD FileSystem Volume Driver"

  4. Windows Eventlog shows a boatload of errors:
    EventID 505 - Completing a failed Read SCSI SRB request, or
    EventID 507 - Completing a failed non-ReadWrite SCSI SRB request, or
    EventID 502 - Completing a failed upper level paging read request

I counted 488x (!) yes 488 x within 1 second.

Now, I am used to these errors in the Windows eventlog. This has always been the case.
I have checked Internet, but no-one has a solution or could tell what the cause might be.
So far the drives worked nonetheless, so after many, many hours (=days) of trying to figure out what it is, I let it rest.

  1. I recently bought a WD 12TB drive, that being the 6th WD USB drive. The drive is NTFS formatted and contained 2 files, one for Mac one for Windows.
    The windows version: “Install Western Digital Software for Windows.exe”
    There is no explanation as to what this software contains, I did not install it.
    The drive works well though.

After powering on the 2TB drive this morning, I immy noticed a few Eventlog errors.

a. the number of “WD SES Device” entries - do they have to be the same as the number of portable devices, i.e. in this case 6 WD portable devices, then 6 WD SES Devices?
If so, how to solve the problem in case there a difference?

b. any suggestions as to how to solve these eventlog errors?

c. what does the “Install Western Digital Software for Windows.exe” include?

d. should I try to install newer WD SES software? Or maybe “legacy WD SES Driver dated from 2011”

Hopefully someone has some answers on the above. I wonder whether I am the only one with these weird EventLog errors.


Hi @thewul,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thanks. Yes, I also opened a support case. Today, just a hour or so ago, I started copying files (ref 1st para in the above thread) and copying is going fine now. phew…

Just abour 4-5 errors showed up today, no problem, things go fine now.
The other day there were … 9.600x… in a few hours time. Copy-pasted the errors into Excel, so I could count them.

That was worrying me: the drives could be accessed the normal way, chkdsk tells me there were no errors, same as sfc.

Anyway, I hope WD support at least can tell me whether it is a matter of drivers (probably not as I meanwhile read that WD SES updates, if any, seems to come with Windows updates).
Let’s wait and see.