Windows does not sync correctly but Mac sync perfectly

Dear All

I just get an MyCloud miror EX2.
I have a macbook Air and a lenovo yoga.

Form my MAC I setup I myCloud and I could not sync well. Later, in my yCloud share I created Documents folder and I deleted My Documents folder, I use Documents to sync data from my PC and my MAC. Since that operation, all document could be sync to myCloud.

Finnaly,I install sync WD tool on my PC and he could get all documents from the MyCloud to my folder /Users/me/Documents.

At the begining, when I add/modify a file or folder from my mac, I could see the change on my PC.
When I add/modify a file or folder from my PC, I also could see the change on my Mac.

Now, my PC does not see any change and it do not push the change to myCoud.

On my Mac I created two folder, and on my PC I updated a file. On MyCloud I can see the change from my Mac, but I can not see the change from my PC.

From my PC,
How can I make sure to have my change synced?
How can I force a sync?
How can I exclude a file? This because I use iCloud to sync my calandar and contact and iCloud add an outlook1.pst to My Documents and it always return me an error when WD tryied to sanc it and I do not need to have it on my Cloud.

Thank for your help!!

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this via E-mial in the following link:

Try to provide as many details as possible related to the issue you are experiencing alongside the steps you have taken to reproduce it. They may contact you if they need additional information.