Windows detect raid 1 external HDD as RAW


I have a 8TB WD cloud mirror. Recently, the raid 1 HDD was full and I have replaced it with another HDD. Then, I have formatted the new HDD as raid 1 to be used in the WD cloud mirror. The WD cloud mirror is working as it should but the problem is, i cannot view or read all my files that’s stored in the previous raid 1 HDD.

I tried to make the raid 1 HDD as external HDD and read it using windows 7 but windows has detected it as RAW and should be formatted. Is there any way I can read my files in the raid 1 HDD ?

Thank you.

You’ll need to use an OS or a Windows Driver that understands MD RAID arrays and EXT4 filesystems.

I see… so i need additional driver to read the HDD right? Noted with thanks, I will search for it. Do you have any links or keywords to speed up the process? Thanks in advance :wink: 

Disk Internals might work for you…