Windows Delayed Write Failure - After that, WD My Book Essential 2.0 TB no loger accessible

Hi Guys:

I have only using 5% of the 2.0 TB of the disk. I was massively changing the properties of the files of the disk, unmarking the “encrypted” box, so that I could open the files from another computer, different from the one the original files came from. When I came back after several hours, I started to receive a lot of errors of the kind “Windows Delayed Write Failure”. “Data might be lost” etc.

After giving “OK” to a lot of mistakes messages, I was unable to ever access the external hard disk again.

The disk is WD My Book Essential 2.0 TB

Any solution to this? I have seen similar posts to this, but no solution found yet…

Thanks a lot

Hey! Something similair happened to me today. Just before lunch I got some error messages as well, don’t know if they’re same as yours, didn’t read them, just clicked ok, then my PC froze, I restarted and after that my external HDD isn’t recognized. I have My Book Essential 1TB. When I plug in usb cable I can hear that beep sound window makes, but HDD doesn’t load. I can actually see it in Device Manager and it says it’s working fine :dizzy_face:

I tried connecting it on laptop with W7 on and it’s the same, you can hear the sound W7 does but nothing loads. Does this mean it’s dead? Did I lost my data? I have like 90% of my backups on this drive. Would **bleep** if it’s all gone!