Windows Delayed File Write Error and Disk Failure

I have had three different WD External Hard Drives over 4 years and none has given me any issues to date. *Touchwood*

I have an interal HDD from WD that I purchased in 2000 and still does remarkably well for it’s age.

My trouble started when I went out and purchased a 1 TB WD My Passport for backing up all my data. Tal about putting all your eggs in one basket.

In three months time, the device started giving me error message “Windows Delayed File Write”. And would go unresponsive. I tried a lot to back up or remedy the solution with no avail. Let me tell you backing up 800GB+ of data is **bleep** of a job anyway. 

So I went out and purchased a Seagate. 

At the least, I hope the technical wing in here can assist me in recovering the data from the device.


Well first of I’ll provide more info on  Delayed Write Fail Error. To recover the files use  Mini Tool Data Recovery

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Cheers mate.

Any Time :smiley:


Done deal.

Very disappointed things turned sour this way.

I loved that disk. I don’t think there is a single player in the market who can give me such a bulk of storage in such compact package.

I asked around and many say they have had the same problem too. 

It’s the curse of these high capacity storage devices. 

By the way, I am not very confident of my Seagate either. I have been avoiding them like the plague itself after a mate had the notorious “click of death” with his Expansion device.

What to say? _C’est la vie_.

It’s a shame really. For the design wing to come up with a product that is so convenient and then blow it all up by making it as robust as a straw.

Yes I understand how you feel. We all been trough that, believe me. No matter what brand drive you have ALWAYS keep copies of your files, is the only way to ensure that nothing will happen to them. WD drives are the greatest and I love them, but as any other device (mechanical/electronic) it can fail. 

Hope you can retrieve all your files.

Quite right.

Backing up 800 GB+ though, is  an entirely different issue.

Thanks again.