Windows crashed, now won't recognize Passport

Hello everyone.

I own a WD My Passport 500GB USB Drive.  I was able to successfully install it in my PC (runs XP) and passport protected the drive.  Yesterday, my PC crashed and had it fixed. Now, PC is back and up again, but the WDSmartWare software is nowhere to be found! When I connect my drive, it asked for the password, but after unlocking it, all Windows explorer shows is “G: WD Unlocker” with a CD-padlock icon. I can’t access it.

I was thinking of installing the software again from my drive, but how do I do it when the PC doesn’t recognize the drive??


You may download the latest version of SmartWare from the WD website.

Thank you for the answer. I have already reinstalled the software from the link that you gave. Unfortunately, after reinstalling the software, the WD SmartWare won’t launch. So, as of now, all I have is a paperweight.  Please help me on what I need to do.

Thank you once again.

try it on another computer. maybe something wrong with the driver.

I have installed the software in another computer and it has successfully installed and is running. The problem now is that it does not detect my MyPassport. When I use Windows Explorer, the drive appears but as “F: WD Unlocker” and cannot be accessed.  When I try to use it as a regular HD, it is being identified as a CD drive. So what seems to be the problem now???

This is getting to be frustrating. I bought WD MyPassport because I thought it would be a good buy. I definitely did not expect this!!