Windows Can't Format New WD2002FAEX 2 TB

I installed a new WD Black 2 TB SATA 6 drive in my desktop. I initialized the drive, assigned a drive letter and it appears in Explorer and in Disk Management. BUT it repeatedly fails to format during multiple attempts with Disk Management, DiskPart and EaseUS. After trying to format it, the drive usually disappears from both Explorer and Disk Management. It reappears after a waking up from sleep, restart or cold boot. EaseUS came closest to success, ending with: “There are some error occurred while writing partition chains on disk.” (The disk is configured with a single 2 TB partition.) I have successfully installed and formatted other HDDs, both internal and external, on this machine. This is my first SATA 6 drive. The motherboard is an ASUS P6X58D Premium with 2 available SATA 6 ports and 6 occupied SATA 3 ports. The BIOS shows that the SATA 6 controller is enabled. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi well the first thing is to run a test on the drive you can try WD data lifeguard tools or  HD sentinel. HD sentinel would give a better report on the drive, check the smart data for any errors there also.

I had run a quick WD lifeguard tools test and the SMART was good. The extended test just terminated after about 13 minutes with too many errors and the message “Too many bad sectors detected”

Hi well it seems you got a bad drive,  you have 2 choices you can take it back and exchange it if the store allows that or do a RMA with WD. you can start the RMA here.

Thanks for your help, Hammey. RMA granted and in progress.

I received the replacement HD yesterday, installed it, initialized it and tried to format it. This one failed, too. An Extended Data Lifeguard Test needed less than 4 minutes to fail the disk with too many bad sectors. Needless to say, I’m getting very frustrated. Have 2 TB Black drives historically experienced the same problem? Does place of manufacture have a bearing? The first to fail was manufactured in Malaysia, the second in Thailand. By the time I send multiple disks back, I could have bought a 3 TB one. Any thoughts? Thanks.