"Windows can't find "\\WDSHARESPACE\Public". The name might be misspelled"

I’ve got a WD ShareSpace 8TB drive hooked up to my network. It was purchased brand new 2 months ago. Set up went fine. It was recognized everywhere on my network. I thought everything was great. I transferred about 2TB of files over to it, keeping a backup just in case of failure. After a month, I erased the backup drive and put my trust in this drive. About 2 months into useage, I had over 5TB of data on the drive. I attempted to add some more files from a PC on my network and got a message that ShareSpace wouldn’t accept data. I rebooted the ShareSpace thinking it would solve the problem and upon restarting the ShareSpace I could no longer get access to any of the files on this drive. Windows is unable to find \WDSHARESPACE\Public anymore. I checked it with the other computers in my network and they all came up with the same result. Somehow, 5TB of data was lost on this drive with nothing having been done to cause it. I check the green lights and they are all showing up claiming the 4 individual drives are working correctly. I’ve contacted tech support and their suggestions have been prewritten general answers. The latest response has been to remove all four individual drives and test each seperately on another pc. If they all come out ok, put them back into the case and give it 18 hours to attempt to rebuild. All data will be lost and it may not fix the issue. If this has happened to anyone else, and if you have found a solution to save the data you had on the drive, please let me know. It would be terrible for me if I lose this data forever. 

Hi Can you access the web interface of WD Sharespace? Open Internet Explorer and put its IP on address bar.