Windows Cant acces Mybook after data transfer being disrupted

While copying data from dvd to mybook and while connecting
wd elements to usb connector and powering it up , i touched the usb cables without pulling it out and got a msg of windows it lost the drive apparently, and cant acces the drive anymore
running the diagnostics program now the 2nd option,
is it possible to get acces again and how ? havent backed up the data yet whats on the current drive mybook 6 tb
was transferring old dvd data to the drive so dont have to use the dvds anymore.
so is it possible to get acces again without loss of the data ?

You can try different computer to isolate the issue.

Try running the Extended test on the My Book drive through WD Drive Utilities. You can download the WD Drive Utilities from the link given below.

If the test result is failed that means the drive has gone bad.

Yes i have used win diagnostic form wd and the extended test after 4 days was a succes but i lost the option to delete or move files from windows
So have to copy all files to another drive and reformat to ntfs.
I assume with the exfat partition something went wrong after windows lost acces and the drive is not 100 % accesible anymore
All files are there but cant delete files or directories anymore
Thanks for the reply…