Windows cannot install on SN750 in HP laptop

I bought an HP Pavilion x360 m Convertible model 14m-dw1023dx. It came with a 256GB NVMe SSD. I installed the WD SN750 1TB (no heatsink) and tried to install Windows 10. When the install gets to the point of selecting which drive to install on there are no drives listed. So I rebooted and went into the UEFI BIOS and checked that the hardware was recognized. The WD SN750 was seen by the BIOS, so I saved and exited. I tried to install Windows again but the same issue keeps coming up. No drives are seen by Windows install. I put the SN750 in an external USB 3 case, plugged it into another computer, and formatted the drive. Then reinstalled into the laptop and tried again to install Windows with no success. Does anyone have any idea why the Windows install does not see the drive even though my laptop BIOS lists the drive as installed?

Whatever you did or did not, most of the time this will help …

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