Windows cannot find driver software for WD Ses Device

I recently bought a Passport Essential for PC and i’ve been trying to install the software for nearly two hours. But the end result is always “windows cannot find driver software”. i cannot figure out what’s wrong. i use windows vista. does this mean something in my computer is corrupted? please help.

okay, now it has installed. but now the message “no writable partition…blah blah blah” shows up. ive seen threads on this particular topic before and i followed instructions to go to disk management. but i cannot select “format” or “mark partition as active”. the selection is dimmed. this is so frustrating!

now, could someone help me with this problem?

What specific drive did you purchase?  If you purchased a Mac-formatted drive with SmartWare, you will need to reformat it before SmartWare or Windows can write to it.  Article #1550 on WD’s KB has reformatting instructions.