Windows can not install on my WD SSD SN550 500 GB


Recently I installed a WD SSD SN550 500 GB on my desktop computer having an ASUS H97-Pro motherboard. During new installation of Windows 10 / Windows Server 2019 it shows a warning “Windows can’t install on this drive…” and after installation when the system is going to boot it fails with message Can not load windows loader! I read lots of documents & watched videos to find a solution, but no success yet.
Any body has been having similar problem?



I request you to test the drive health status through Western Digital Dashboard and share the test results with us.

Title: Testing a drive for problems using The Western Digital Dashboard

Link: Testing a drive for problems using Western Digital Dashboard

The drive is ok and operate correctly as an storage, but it could not load windows on system boot!
Finally I find the solution! I got H97-Pro BIOS update from ASUS site, after upgrading the BIOS, windows can boot from my WD SN550 storage.


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