Windows Backup I/O Error - 3TB MyBook with w7 utility

Can this problem also be solved by reformatting the 3TB drive into smaller NTFS partitions using the W7 formatting tool? If so what would be the recommended largest and smallest partitions?

I understand having 1 large partition is better for performance, how much % better is it, just a rough estimate is needed.


Hi there.

To my understanding, windows backup does not like advanced format drives better know as 4k sectors, you can try to make a partition 1TB partition, then try to backup to it see if it works, however if it still has the same issue then it should be because of the sector size.

Are you saying that even if the windows tool makes new smaller partitions that the drive will still have 4K sectors so called advanced format? The 4K sectors do not change?

Again, I would not use the WD format/partition tool but the tools available within the W7 hd utilities.