Windows Backup Failed because Bitlocker Drive Encrypton Files are Missing or Corrupt

This is second issue I have had with my WD Passport failing to back up my Win7 pc data. The first time I had two WD passports USB connected and the fix was to disconnect the 1 TB passport reboot and allow the 500 WD Passport to stand alone. The backups worked for a while.

Well that no longer works and I get the same old error details of “Bitlocker Drive Encrypton cannot be used because critical Bitlocker files are missing or corrupted.” I am also plugged into a pc USB port and not a USB hub port.

As far as I know I don’t use Bitlocker encrypton…is it installed on the WE passport? Do I need to make some firmware updates? Can anyone please help me resolve this problem?

Hi, a quick search on Google will show that this is a problem with windows backup, not the passport. Check the link below for the solution.

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