Windows Backup Asks For UID and Password

I just set up drive and followed instructions for using Windows Backup, get to the point to select drive, selected On a Network and browsed to My Book Live backup folder, clicked next and it brings up a UID and Password window.  I have tried every known UID and password and can go no farther. I have not been asked to setup UID and Password for the drive. How do I get passed this?

I have WD Anywhere Backup Premium on one computer and I can backup with it . 

Hi there!

The  user manual of the MyBook Live states on page 48 (53 if you seek the whole PDF) that the username and password requested to use Windows Backup are the ones from your account on the MyBook Live itself, so you need to ser a password for it first.

Hope it helps!

No, you don’t have to set up a private share or password.

If you just give it ANY User ID and password, it will allow you to use any public share.

I had not given the OS as Vista on two computers. Page 48 did not help so looked and on page 47 under Windows Vista Backup, item 7 gave me the answer, no UID or Password had been entered on setup and UID "everyone’ and pasword “1234” worked. I have had an other NAS 300GB for a long time with the same problem and this is solved too.

Thanks very much, Max

Tried the other post first and it and solved the problem, see other post.

Thank you very much for your post, Max