Windows agent migration

Hi there,

I migrate one server to another hardware and wonder what’s the best approach licesing wise.

What I can do - totally remove a client from GUI and flush it’s config with 


that should be fine, but I won’t be able to restore it in the future if something goes wrong and I will have to revert the migration back.

What I would like to do is somehow rename the agent and bind it to the new server so I could easily move everything back. In the future I would get rid of the old server completely but it’d be great to have it as an option for a while.

Could you please advise if that’s feasible?

The thing is that I have no spare licenses otherwise that would be easy.



The best solution is to:

* install the agent on the new server so that it registers to the backup sever



* check the name of the old server in the UI

* then use the /opt/arkeia/bin/arkmvhost command to rename the older server to the newer server name.