Windows Achive Bit

Using a Mybook Live as a home network drive. Was going to backup the home data FROM the MyBook TO a desk Windows XP computer. BUT … the archive bit is not being set when files are updated on the MyBook, so incremental type backups are not working correctly and I’d really not do full backups each time.

Any ideas why the archive bit is not being set? Any workarounds? Anyone else looking to backup data on a Mybook? Would be great if WD SmartWare would backup from the user profile spaces to the backup space, but this appears to not be possible.


PS Do WD tech support people review and answer these postings?

I believe this is related to how Windows copies files. See below:

When you copy a file, Windows creates a new file, which gives it a new created date. When you edit a file, the application deletes the old file, then writes a new file, which can give it a new created date. The same behavior can be seen if copying to a Windows share on another computer, or even a second hard drive on the same computer.

Some copy applications, such as Robocopy or Teracopy, may give the option of retaining the original dates. They do this by copying the file, then changing the created date to match the original file’s date. Some applications may also do this by saving the created date before saving changes, writing the new file, then changing the created date back to what it was originally.