Windows 8 WD Photos app doesn't find WDMYCLOUD

I’ve got a WDMYCLOUD NAS on my network and have installed the WD Photos app on 2 different Windows 8 devices and neither of them can find it.  I can’t see anything in options to manually add it either.

I have Android and IOS devices accessing the NAS without issues, using both the other WD apps.

Would love to get the Windows 8 app working!

Just to clarify… I mean the Windows 8 WD app, not the photos app (there isn’t one for Windows 8).

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Are you able to access your WD My Cloud manually without using the Windows app? The following article contains detailed instructions.

Yes, I have no problems accessing the drive through File Explorer…

WHICH WD app are you talking about?  There are a number of them…  Smartware, Dashboard, My Cloud Desktop, etc.

The app that is available in the Windows 8 app store (simply called “WD”).

So nobody else is apparently using this app or has any suggestions??

Is this the app you are talking about?

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cat0w (USA)

Yes, that is the application.

It does say - “Now includes support for My Cloud and My Cloud EX4” but not sure how it finds the device…


Do you have Windows 8.1, I see on the web page where it says, Get Windows 8.1 to run this app.

I have Windows 7 SP1 so I don’t have that app. I use the Desktop apps on my computer, downloaded from the Learning Center.

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cat0w (USA)

Yes, I have Windows 8.1 (I’m actually an IT Professional so am pretty up-to-date on OS, etc.)


Does this app show up in the Dashboard under Cloud Access? If it does, does it show as connected or have you tried giving it access by using a code?


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cat0w (USA)

No, it doesn’t show up - my screen looks a lot like yours (showing the WD My Cloud app and the WD Photos app from our mobile devices)…don’t see anything for just “WD”.  Not sure how I could add a code for the WD app to use anyways as there are no options when you launch the app.

It just says - “No supported WD Devices found” with a Learn More button.

The button indicates to that Network Discovery needs to be enabled (with a “private” network option)…it is enabled correctly and the WD NAS does show in Network Places so Windows is finding it appropriately…

Is there any detailed logging that this application generates anywhere?

Anyone else have suggestions?

I found this and hope it will help.

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cat0w (USA)

Thanks for the response, but unfortunately neither of those articles helps…the app is installed perfectly fine and does launch.  However it just won’t find the NAS unfortunately.