Windows 8 'Removabe Drive' Shares Not Working


Any shares that are on removable devices (e.g. USB Hard Drives) are not recognised by the WD TV Live.

Message is “unable to connect to the selected source. Please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing”

This is using a Windows 8.1 PC. All shares from other resources work fine as do non-removable drive shares on same Windows 8 PC.

Note this not a configuration issue with the network or the share or permissions or Fat32/NTFS Security or anything else similar to this.

There seems to be a problem with shares only if on removable media on Windows 8.

Seen similar issues with Windows 7 in Google and some were fixed by changing the IRPStackSize. Tried this to a value of 50 and no difference.

Has anyone had similar issues? Any Fixes?

Many thanks.

Make sure to check the following article to have the USB drive’s shared over the network.

I remember accessing USB drives mounted in Windows 7 using the WDTV Windows shares without problem. I will try on Windows 8 when my system gets back …