Windows 8 not finding WD Caviar Green WD10EARS and WD20EARS

Windows 8 disk.sys not finding WD Caviar Green WD10EARS and WD20EARS as of november 28,2012. Windows 8 gives preference to SSD drives to the point now that WD’s excellent devices above are kicked out.

Hook up the drives in their previously working positions and Device Manager finds them, but Disk Management sows only SSD drives.

Microsoft is EXTREMELY VAGUE about why. One support tech casually suggested to wait for next release: January 2013 Windows 8 will start supporting this drive again? “Maybe,” says Microsoft, and no explanation of any kind. 

Anyone know why and how Microsoft is dumping on Western Digital? Does anyone know of a way to force Windows 8 to read WD’s Green PC AT SATA IDE drives? Is WD withholding needed drivers from MS?

(all 3 questions are critical, that last question is most important since MS is too quick to blame everyone else for failed driver support as MS falls behind publishing catalogs)


Are the drive showing on the bios of  the computer?

I recently purchased an HP Computer with Windows 8 installed.  I figured that the installation of my 2T WD20EARS hard drive would be no problem.  I put it in and again, Windows did not recognize that it was there.  But…since my computer was new it had not had a chance to update the system.  I let it install all the various updates that it needed to do and by the time it was done - it recognized the hard drive just fine.

So if you’re running into this problem, do know that Microsoft did, in fact, do the proper updates so it would work.

I had the same problem!!! I purchased this drive WD20EARS-00MVWB0 , installed it in my PC and Windows would not recognize my drive. Later on I found that I needed to install a new driver from cnet and it worked, did not know that Windows 8 would have a drives problem!! Now I have no issues

Which driver did you install?

Can you provide a link?