Windows 8 network share


I recently purchased a WD TV live hub. I conneccted it via wireless to my router. I connected a hdd to this hub.

I have 2 computers. 1 runs on windows 7 and the other one on windows 8. I try to put movies on the HDD via my computer.

With the windows 7 computer (wireless) I have no problems at all. I can access the HDD through the my computer->network. And the WDTVluve icon shows up. This way i can drag and drop.

My computer with windows 8 (wired) doesn’t show the WDTVLive HDD at all. I once tried the WDlink software and it worked once and hasn’t since. I can’t connect to the HDD using my windows 8 computer.

Anyone know how this is possible and what I can do.

I only have 1 router and all computes and the WD tv live hub are connected to this router. I have internet access on my WD tv live hub. I can’t find my windows 8 computer via network share. It doesn’t show up.

Help is much appreciated.


This case sounds like a configuration or permission issues with the windows 8 computer since is the only device that is having the issue.

Check the link below to try WD Link again.

Also check this one to try to map the unit manually

Just a thought… make sure you have the Win8 machine in the same Workgroup as your Win7 machine and your WDTV Live Hub.

and try dropping UAC to the bottom option