Windows 8 Help

I’m trying to set up serviio to connect to my WDTV Live Plus.

On my Windows 8 PC, the WDTV is not showing up in the windows devices section.  It shows up there fine on my Windows 7 PC.

On my Windows 8 PC, serviio doesn’t see the WDTV and the WDTV doesn’t see service.  I can play media via network shares off that same Windows 8 PC though.

Serviio works fine on my Windows 7 PC.

I’d think that my Windows 8 PC should see the WDTV in the decices section (like on the Win 7 PC) so I don’t think this is related to service, but more has to do with Windows 8 and the WDTV.

Any ideas?

Bump.  Anyone have any ideas why my Windows 8 PC can’t see the WDTV as a multimedia device?

No one?  I’m so stumped here.

The WDTVLIVE is showing as a device in device manager under system devices on the Windows 7 PC, but not showing up there on the Windows 8 PC.

My DLNA TV came today.

Well, I’m rather stunned right now, but the TV showed up on the Windows 8 PC, no problem.

I can stream Serviio to the TV. 

What’s even better (and I guess the whole point of a DLNA server) is that if I plug my USB with an .mkv into the TV and play it, it says audio not supported.  If I stream the same .mkv through Serviio, it transcodes the audio on the fly and it plays fine.  Brilliant!

So why can’t I see my WDTV box on Windows 8?