Windows 8 Backup Software

I have purcahsed a new Windows 8 computer to replace my Windows XP computer, which I had backed up on my My Passport Essential using WD Anywhere backup software.  I have been informed by WD that this software is not compatible with Windows 8 and that I should google “free windows 8 software” to find replacement software.  

I find this to be an unusual response from a company that continues to make backup drives.  Most companies would not desert their customers in such a manner.  What backup software that is compatible with Windows 8 does WD now offer on a complimentary basis for customers who have purchaed its drives?  How can that software be accessed by those customers?

Hi, the backup software that current WD hard drives use is called smartware. You can also use windows backup if you want to continue using your hard drive under windows 8.