Windows 8 Backup Problem

i try to backup my windows 8.1 desktop PC and i always get this Warning “Client Backup Failed”.

in backup details status is unsuccesfull

and got message like

“An Error Prevented backup from running”

“An Error prevented backup from creating a snapsot of the volume on this computer”

“For more information about this issue, see the event logs on the computer that you are backing up”

i already download and try to installing hotfix…

but it cannot installed in my Sentinel…

Please Help



On your client PC open diskmgmt.msc and see if you have a uEFI partition.  If you do, you will have to install the uEFI hotfix at the top of this forum.

Remote to the server desktop, make sure all windows updates are applied, then install the hotfix.  Reboot and check for windows updates again on the server.

Gramps I have the same problem :

Do not have a uEFI partition.  NTFS only

We have a Windows 8.1 workstation that fails backup. Backup has never completed. Checked all services are running on server and client. Uninstalled/re-installed connector. Did chkdsk /f on client. Reduced scope of backup to one folder on boot drive (just program files). When Backup is started it goes to 1% immediatly and times out. Never got to 2%. Error is -> “An error prevented backup from creating a snapshot of the volumes from this computer.”

OS is Windows 8.1 x64 Please provide me with something else to try. I need this working.



Sorry - I do have the uEFI partition.  Doing hotfix will advise…

OK after applying the recommended hot fix I have same problem but it has worsened   

Backup will still not run.  Never goes beyond 0% now.   In the dashboard I NOW cannot even go into the backup configuration for the client to limit the scope.  The error is:  An unknown error prevented the server from performing the task.  Make sure all services on the server are running, then try again.  

Client event log says Backup did not complete because a problem interrupted a connection to the server.

Backup Job 0 did not succeed - connection lost  System string []

Can you advise next steps forward to troubleshoot this?