Windows 8 app

I was having trouble to get the app to work, you had suggested changing the firmware.  I did this and it seemed to work once, starting to build a library in the app.  The next day when I went to use it, it says it isn’t a supported device again.

Same problem here. I have never been able to get the App to work on my Win8 laptop. However on my Win8 RT tablet (MS Surface) it did work…until the IP adress of MyBook Live changed.

I have the latest firmware MyBookLive  02.42.02-012 : Core F/W installed, but also with 2 previous FW-releases I experienced the same problems.

Still waiting for an App that really works

Danny (Belgium)

WD seems to have resolved the problem: MyBookLive is no longer misted as a supported device. Clever!

maybe your device just isn’t being detected. If your still internested read this post: