Windows 8 App not finding photos

I am struggling with the Windows 8 App that has found some but not all photos on my 2TB MyBookLive (connected to a computer running windows 8 64bit).

I updated the drives firmware to the latest version this morning and swapped twonky for DNLA as per the WD instructions (again with the latest firmware).

The App finds the MyBooklive and when forced to scan for content has found some photos in the shared photos folder but has also missed several directories in the shared photo folder full of photos.

Is it buggy software or am I doing something wrong?  Any advice greatfully received!



What’s the name of the app that you are using?

Have you tried using WD Photo?

The app is the WD windows 8 app downloaded from the windows store.

The app fails to refresh when new photos / folders are added to the shared pictures folders.  The force content find option in settings is very unreliable, sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t.  And at 20+min for each rescan is stunningly un-user friendly way to view your photos.

WD photo works marvellously on my ipad; i wish the windows 8 app was as good.

Your lucky yours even works under x64 win8 nothing to do with mybook live works

I get this in the windows 8 app: drive has the latest firmware etc but i think it has something to do with the fact that driver for x64 doesnt work at all…