Windows 8 and live hub software download


Need some help, can’t figure this out.  When I download the software for my my new computer, I have five files but not of them appear to be the executable program…so not sure how to install it once it’s downloaded.

This is what appears in download folder:

wdtvlivehub.bi2  bI2 file 46,837 kb

wdtvlivehub.bin bIn file 93,147 kb

wdtvlivehub FFF file 11,328 kb 5kb

wdtvlivehub.ver VER file 1KB.

I tried hitting extract all and nothing happens.  Just not sure how to install the software in W8.

Grr, I must be missing something easy but can’t figure this out.

When you downloaded this firmware did you also read the installation instructions.

You have to put all the files in the root of a USB drive and connect to the player. The player will read the drive and inform you that new firmware is available. You then install the firmware.

I smell disaster.

I think I know what I need to do now.

I was up since 3 am the night before I tried this and in my sleep deprived I think I downloaded the player firm ware thinking it was the computer software. D’oh!