Windows 8 2nd hard drive not appearing

I know that many people are having this problem but nonw of the current answers help my situation

I have recently built a new pc for myself. my computer has a optical drive a 120gb ssd and a 1tb wd caviar black hdd. I installed windows 8 on the ssd, but now windows wont recognise that I have the 1 tb wd caviar black hdd. Yes I have tried using device and disk manager. I have also tried unplugging the ssd and running the windows 7 installation disk but once it gets to the part where you choose what drive you want to install it on the hdd does not appear, I have tried swapping around the sata and power cables between the hdd, ssd and optical drive so the hdd has had every combination of cables. My hdd is new and worked in a friends computer and completely clean, my hdd does vibrate on boot and seems to be in working condition. I have not tried using bios because I am not experienced in it and I thought that both my other drives are working so I thought my sata ports would all be good.

I have contacted wd support and was given no useful support.

any suggestions would be very much appreciated. thank you :slight_smile: sorry about the long message.



Since you check on disk management, is the drive showing at all?

Are you saying that the drive works on a friends computer? if so, the only thing that you need to check is the bios of the computer to see if the drive is not enable.

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yeah thanks for the help, I am pretty sure it is not on my disk management

this is what it looks like

ok well if we have any bios experts around here my bios confuses me, I have a gigabyte ga z77x.

thanks again getting this working would make my computer much more enjoyable. 

That picture is showing that a game you tried to run failed to launch ( Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead)

It says it could not load the DirectX run time that is in windows.

That message does not *seem to have any relation to the the problem you mentioned.

Did you install the game on the Black drive ?

Maybe try to open disk management and look and see for your Black drive ?

If you don’t know how you can see a web page at on how to do it…

If you want to make a screenshot of your desktop i’m pretty sure you can hit PRINT on your keyboard then open almost any picture editing software such as Microsoft Paint and hit ctrl +v into a blank new image and save it etc and then upload it if needed. many people don’t know this but you can do that with no special software on windows versions going back to windows 2000.

I would look in the windows event viewer if i were you and look for anything in the category of warning or error.

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oh haha sorry wrong link.

I fixed that one.

I downgraded back to win 7 cause I am not a fan of windows 8 as it turns out I had a virus that corrupted my windows 8. all is good and working now. I put my windows 8 key back in now and be careful of what I download. thanks for the help. it does appear in windows now :slight_smile:

cool glad you got it sorted out and i noticed from your picture it was windows 8.

i too am staying on windows 7 lol

I can’t stand…

the ribbon ui

the lack of aero window transparency

the flat styled windows and buttons

the flat monochrome icons

the formerly known interface called Metro

the lack of a start button

the lack of the old start menu

the newer stricter UAC system
etc …

i already have a huge list of things i customize on win 7 so what little advantage win 8 provides is not worth the extra amount of hacking to get my OS as i want it. No one not Bill Gates himself can tell me and force me to use my PC in a way i do not want to. It’s mine i built it and paid for it !

In case people are wondering no I’m not in love with the old start menu most of my shortcuts are in a menu system that is made up of a QuckLaunch on my task bar like what is on XP… I have just a small arrow visible for it and its aligned on the right side where it was on XP and when i open it i have about 12 folders named for the category of links and usually some more sub categories after that for more refined links. This works well because the location is the same as XP so if anything tries to detect the Quicklaunch it sees it. And to make things EVEN smoother i simply created a shortcut to my custom quicklaunch in my start menu so when i run CCleaner it automagicly cleans up any dead links in my start menu and in my quicklaunch. I also have selected folders pinned to the explorer task bar icon (no more than 6 taskbar icons total) i also have a bout 10 apps pinned into the start menu and recent apps disabled in it for the programs i want to use more than my quicklaunch ones. and lastly the start menu itself is nothing but garbage collection to me… it’s the fall back location for apps that install default shortcuts and the default shortcuts that come with windows and i periodicly go in there and delete any i don’t like or need so there is very few in there at any time.

This is well thought and extremely refined & fast and it is precisely how i want my machine setup and that IS how i will have it ! No one can stop me lol

Getting told i’m in love with the start menu is retarded it really means little to me for my custom setup.

But the “experts” are usually quick to tell me “I’m doing it wrong” (Apple iPhone quote lol)

which is not possible… i decide how my machine works …no one else !

oh and this is just the tip of the ice berg for OS modding… i change everything and like to kill stuff for performance reasons too… my machine runs FAST …snappy would be an understatement.

I’m picky with keeping things clean and defragged etc for example i will never ever in 10 years of using my PC allow a shortcut / link on my desktop… it’s forbidden lol

Hope everyone enjoyed my story LOL