Windows 8.1 PC 'finding' UNC path takes a long time

I set up our EX2 system with name WD. I have created multiple shared paths, some of which requires login name/password, but say I also created one that doesn’t, eg. share

One a windows system in the same network running Windows 8.1, if I map \wd\share to x:, and access x:, the window pops up right away.

However, if I am in a windows explorer and enter \wd\share on the top, it takes over 30 seconds to find it before it can show the content.

It does not matter if I already mapped x: to \wd\share; if I use \wd\share anywhere, it takes forever to ‘find’ the path.

The reason this becomes a problem is because a software we use requires saving files to a network location and for some lame reason, they only allow UNC paths.

I believe once the path is ‘found’, read/write is quick.

I also notice from the command prompt if I type dir \wd\share it comes up just as fast. Is Windows 8 having some weird search criteria when dealing with WD drives?

I should also point out that I have a couple Epson printers that have SD slots. If I enter the printer ip address like \, Windows 8 quickly shows me the share ‘drives’ on the printer. So it does not appear it is an issue with Windows.

Using ip address of the WD drive does NOT make a difference.

In theory, if I enter \wd or using the ip address of the drive, it should show me available share paths I can map to quickly. (I don’t know if it does or not at the moment, I cannot test it now)

Does anyone experience this and can someone please help? Thanks

Odd that there is a latency, can you re-map the drive and USE OTHER CREDENTIALS and ensure you have your info input correctly and re-test? Also map to another Letter besides X:

Hi, since \wd\share is meant to be opened for everyone, there should not be any credential required to see the path.

Also I said ‘x:’ as an example. I could try using another letter but I doubt it makes any difference. To be clear, opening x: is quick. Opening \wd\share isn’t.


Have you tried a Windows 7, Vista, or XP machine as well?

All the computers at the place are running Windows 8. I will have to find a Windows 7 laptop to try later.

Throwing Windows OS out of the ‘window’ for a moment, are there other suggestions?

I had a chance to try doing \wd\ on a Windows 8 laptop on the network yesterday and it came up just fine. I will need to try again on another computer that is the exact build later. For now it seems to be issue to one particular computer - anyone knows how to change options on Windows 8 searching?..

This may help -