Windows 8.1 freezing when I connect MyBook to the USB

Hi All,

I already have this Mybook external drive for some years now and I’ve never had a problem. About some months ago I updated the OS of my computer to Windows 8.1. and since then I can`t use it with MyBook connect to the USB.

At the start up, my computer completely freezes after loading the desktop if I have MyBook connected. The Windows Explorer can actually map the drive M:, and access it if I have a lot o patience and time. Task Manager shows everything OK, except that my main HDD (partitions C: and D:) have a 100% utilization.

When I disconnect Mybook usb everything goes normal again. If I reconnected, the problem returns.

I`ve run WD Digital Data LifeGuard quick test on this drive and it passed.

Please, can someone help me?


Try running an extended test to be sure. If the extended test completest completes successfully, it is possible that some of the files are corrupted. You can try running a windows check disk, check the link below for the steps.

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I ran the extended test and it completed without any error. The disk seems to be ok. Do you have any other idea of what is happening?


In that case it could be an data corruption problem, try running a Windows check disk.

Hi jubei04,

jubei04 wrote:

In that case it could be an data corruption problem, try running a Windows check disk.

I’m having a similar problem (with my external hard drive), but it only freezes when trying to read the drive - eg after I unlock it.  So I cannot do the error check before it freezes.  Is there a way to error check the drive while it’s still VCD password protected?

(Sorry jordinelson for hickjacking your post - it just sounds like it’s a similar problem. Thank you  =) )

Hi Nicsb,

No problem! Actually I have exactly the same problem. If I lock the drive, it freezes immediately after I unlock it.


I don`t think it is a data corruption problem, but I will try to run the windows check.