Windows 8.1 does not support my book live

Since W8.1 en Java SE 7.51 MyBookLive is remtely unaccessible.

Is there any W8.1 user that does indeed has access to his My Book Live?


I do have Windows 8.1 and Java SE 7.51, and have no problem acessing MyBookLive from my PC.

When you say remotely innaccessible, do you mean over the Internet? If so I can’t help, as I do not use that method of remote access.

Yes, I mean over the internet. And I am using WiFi. By daughter (also W81.1) ca’t either.

My sister’s WD NAS has the same problem (also W8.1).

As soon as I select my drive after web-login, (the moment de drives are shown after typing my NAS admin password) I am redirected to the Oracle site…:


Hello Steef!

I have Windows 8.1 Just bought my new laptop yesterday and I have a My book Live drive in home, is a 3T and I have this software installed in my laptop:

Do you have the same software?

I was able to acces my drive in home from another place in town. (However I had a problem moving my files, becarefull doing this I cant my honeymoon photos… thats my topic on another post.)

Anyways hope that this helped a little.

I downloaded this software from the site. 

Pity. My software is quite different from your picture.

I have to login on WD Sign in via the web, then click on the shown WD drives, and have to login on the selected drive, which gives then all de shares in WindowsExplorer, which I can use then.

Ony after the selection of the drive I am redericted to the Oracle site…

With the java console saying exception on thread AWT-EventQueue-2

So the problem stays.

Is there anyone that uses the same loginprocedure ovef WiFi?

And do you have (no) problems with access?


My make sure use the newer my cloud app. New version has no Java dependencies, old one does.