Windows 7x64 Network Shares - Auto Login Doesn't work

Can access my network shares every time, if I leave auto login off and click on the log in box , (username = anonymous , password = blank). If I turn on auto login to network shares I get " The is no Media in the Current folder" I have done the registry change’s, the advanced sharing settings are correct, the sharing folders are using the “Everyone group” , I don’t have window’s live sign in assistant installed, master browser is correct. Couple questions about the shares, Who should be the owner, my account name or adminstrators?  Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this can’t use auto login problem? Windows 7 X64 pro.

Thanks, Magoo

Do you have SP1? It is giving sharing problems to me…


Windows 7 X64 pro SP1 has gave me no problems yet with network sharing with auto login ???