Windows 7 - Windows Media Center

I use Windows Media Center on Windows 7 to record tv from my cable.

I previously did that with Windows Vista.

Here’s the problem:

When I put my older (Vista) recorded files on a network share, the WD player sees and plays them fine, but them I try this with the Windows 7 files, they cannot be seen.

So I am assuming that the player cannot read these files?

Can I change Media Center to save in a better format, can I change the WD device to fix this?

Barring that, how can I get Media Center to work through my WD Device?  I can get the windows shares to work fine, but connecting to media center seem a bust, even after adjusting my streaming settings.



Any luck with this issue?  I have been searching all afternoon trying to answer this one simple question:  can I view TV shows recorded on my Windows 7 Media Center via this WD TV Live?  Thanks!

What kind of files are these?  Try playing them with, say, VLC and go to media and see what it reports as the container and video and audio codecs.

If WDLive can’t play them natively you can certainly convert them (assuming they aren’t protected), but first you need to know what they actually are.

I am having a similar problem.  I can not get the wd hd tv live to recognize windows media center.  I can access everything else and play videos through mwdia player but when I try to add an extender in media center it says not found.

It then ask me to go to the extender and add  key.  Problem is media center is not showing.  I can see all local folders, playon, tversity… But no media center.

I thought I should be able to watch a show in Media Center through the wd hd and onto my tv? Am I wrong in thinking this should be easy? 

i had this problem with *.mkv files.

turns out the sulution is quite captain obvious. i installed haali media spliter and ffdshow for mkv files and everything started poping up at my WD TV Live. so i sugest you guys try installing some codecs for windows media center/player