Windows 7 unable to see WDMyCloud on network share

Don’t know if this makes a difference but I’m on Windows 7 Home Premium. Would upgrading to Win 7 Pro make a difference?

You can try, but I honestly I don’t think it is the OS. I have 7 pro works fine, 7 Home premium work fine and 8.1 pro works fine. All working with Widnows firewall and AVG antiviru. I did not have to modify anything.

This is indeed weird. Still, I am not you, but if I were you, I will uninstall the firwewall (just so you can completely rule it out) and debug from there. Or at least check with AVG support or forum.

 Alternatively, you can backup your data, reinstall Widnows, check out wdmycloud and then install the firewall.

I have a Dell laptop, Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium and I have not had any problems.

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cat0w (USA)

Just in case anyone checks this thread, I was having problems after switching to a new modem/router. It is a Fritz!box 7490, and after installing it, I was unable to access MyCloud through the Windows Explorer from either Windows 7 laptop on the network. I could see it as a Storage device and a Media Server, and I could open the webpage for it, but not able to open it up like I used to be able to to drag and drop etc. So, I could pretty much configure my device any way I wanted to, just not access it.

I downloaded WD Access and a number of other different software apps, and that could actually see the device but when trying to upload a file to it, it would constantly lose connection.

The solution was actually pretty simple, and it came from this thread. After spending two entire nights trying to figure out the new router and trying everything I could find online, this thread pointed me towards my 3rd party firewall - not AVG in my case, but Zonealarm.

I set all of the application access for WD to Trusted and still no joy, and then I simply changed the Public Zone Security to Medium from High and Bob’s your mother’s brother, MyCloud available again.