Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit loses share on external HD after shutdown/reboot

I recently purcahsed a 2TB My Book Essential drive which I share on my home network running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  Full access is assigned to “Everyone”.  Everything works fine as long as I don’t shutdown or reboot.

If I restart the machine (or shutdown and power back up), the network share is lost.  When I click on the properties of the drive and go to the Sharing tab, it is marked as “Not Shared” and I have to share it out and assign permissions to Everyone again.

I always use the (true) local Administrator account on this box.  Why does the WD My Book keep losing its network share on a warm and cold reboot?

Any help would be appreciated.


By any chance when you mapped the drive did you check the box that says reconnect at log in?

It doesn’t apply here because I am SHARING the drive from this machine (i.e. it’s physically attacfhed via USB).  

If I move the drive over to my Dell PC (which is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) and share it out from there, I can reboot 1000 times and it NEVER loses its share.

Everytime I reboot the 64-bit machine and login as Adminhistrator (as I always do), the Share is gone (as are the permissions) and I have to re-assign it again.


Look at the ownership on the drive it’s in with sharing. sharing and networking can be a royal pain. What security software you using? Some of that can be troublesome too.