Windows 7 stop booting with WD elements


What did happen to me was strange.

1-I have 2 WD elements.

They worked fine.

2- I did try shut up the computer with several folders open in one of the external drives.

3- I noticed the computer was not shutting down. I turned power off.

4- Next time I did boot the windows started…,but at a certain point it did freeze.

When I disconnect one of the drives ( the one in which I had the several folders open ) , computer does boot.

5- The drive that prevent the computer from booting , works fine when attached after computer booted.

Something did happen  when I failed to close all folders and documents in one of the WD  disk.

The other works fine .

What could possible went wrong ?

Thank You.

The computer did heal itself. Its strange.

All start working properly again.


I notice computer did assign another letter to the drive. It was drive M and now computer assigned drive N .


I changed nothing.

Hi pedro56, thanks for sharing, good to know the problem got fixed. It is provable that some of the files on the external drive got corrupted, but these are ussualy fixed by Windows Check disk.