Windows 7 shutdown

We purchased a My Book 1 TB to use as network backup drive. Now I have installed windows 7. Whenever, I am on my home network, my laptop will not shut down. As soon as turn off the My Book I can shut down. I have downloaded the new discovery software but I still can’t shutdown.

We have a network in our RV with an older network drive (also WD) and I have no problems with shutdown. Is there a fix. This is becoming a real problem.

Do you have the drive mapped as a drive letter or as a network folder?

Mine does exactly the same, I have been speaking to WDC support and they say there is no reason. The also cant explain why I can not get an update to the latest version. i never had this problem until my last drive broke and I returned it for a replacement. If you can update the firmware I think it will solve the problem as my old version had a newer firmware than the one I have now.

Good luck

I am having this same problem with both of my window 7 computers. One a desktop and one a laptop. WD please respond.

Same issue here.


Wow, this must be weirdest problem i read here so far. :neutral_face:

I have MyBook 1TB (whitelight) with firmware 01.01.18 and Windows 7 x64 and I do NOT have this issue.

I’m running Vista-64 on a laptop.

When I shutdown it takes forever until a BSOD. The error is driver_power_state_failure.

It appears to be an UMBus Enumerator issue. On the laptop in Device Manager under System Devices I have extra devices - MyBookWorld01 & MyBookWorld02 - using the same umbus.sys driver. These do not appear on my desktop connected to the asme drives with the same O/S which does not suffer the shutdown issue.

Part of me wants to remove these from the laptop but since it couldn’t properly display the installer screens I am hesitant to do it.

I am having the same problem with my vista 32bit laptop, but everything works good at my w7. vista never shuts down when its on my home netwrok which has my wd mbwe2 connected but it shuts down immidiately when its connected to other netwroks.

Even when i i disconnecte wd mbwe2 from “my computer” it doesnt shut down. also when i try to disable it from the device manager vista hangs.

have same problem…

my PC canot shutdown until the WD my book is turn off…

keep restarting when still attached…

why no solution ya?

there are so many same problem out there, and no good solution

WD please help us

After a lot of pain I managed to remove the MBWE entries from Device Manager > Disk drives and now not only does my laptop reboot properly – my webcam works again. Up until now it was always “in use” by some other program.

Why would a NAS driver need to use a webcam?

Connectivity to the drives and backups are working just fine.

So… if you see a Windows Update saying to install the WD drivers - DON’T!

Hey BlackHawk can you provide more details since WD obviously does not monitor this site? I have two disk drives listed “My Book World Edition Network Storage” and WDC WD2500JS-60NCB2" which did you uninstall?

ClearlyWired wrote:

Hey BlackHawk can you provide more details since WD obviously does not monitor this site? I have two disk drives listed “My Book World Edition Network Storage” and WDC WD2500JS-60NCB2" which did you uninstall?

I uninstalled all My Book World Edition Network Storage references under Disk Drives. I have two of them so there were two in Device Manager.

You might want to check the properties of WDC WD2500JS-60NCB2 as that may be an actual hard drive and necessary for your system. 

I have the exact same issue. If I have my 2TB WD MyWorld II  powered up - when my Windows 7 laptop is running - then my laptop - will never shutdown without errors.

Exact same error message relating to - driver_power_state_failure.

I then have to re-start Laptop in “SAFE” mode - before my system will ever start and shutdown properly again.

WD must recognise with so many people having the same issue - they must get a solution - or I will be chucking it out and getting something that does work !! Never to be recommended until a fix is provided.

I am also having this problem.

We just installed two MBWE II’s on our home network. Now both networked PC’s hangup on shutdown, eventually resulting in Blue/Black screens of death. If the MBWE’s are disconnected from the network, they will shutdown or restart just fine.

System Info:

(2) 2tb MBWE II’s with current firmware.

(1) Lenovo T410s Laptop with Win7 Professional updated to current.

(1) Dell XPS 8300 Desktop with Win7 Professional updated to current.

Well no response here, or to my WD support email… :angry:

Boxed up and returned…