Windows 7 Shares not visable until router is reset

After using my WDTV for years this new problem just sort of popped up. After attaching a new network device to my shares (a Blackberry playbook) my WDTV suddenly wasn’t able to see my shares. I updated my firmware on my ASUS RT-N66U and it fixed my problem only if I reset the router. My WDTV is the only device that cannot see my shares. My playbook, Dell Streak 5 tablet and laptop can see my shares at all times. My WDTV can usually see my router shares but nothing else. After a reset of my router though, the WDTV works file until after some set time. Then the shares are gone if I turn off or reset the WDTV. Is there a way to force the WDTV to ‘look’ for my shares?

I have an ASUS RT-N12B1 that did not allow me to see my networks shares. I updated the FW with the newest ASUS firmware, still nothing. Flashed the router with DD-WRT…BAM…everything started working perfect. What was the problem?..who knows, but it is working fine now.