Windows 7 Setting WD Elements Sleep Timeout

Hello WD Forum,
I got a new retail 5TB WD Elements external 3.5 drive and would like to set the sleep timer to a larger value to prevent wearing out the drive. I tried Smartware but the option ever appears for setting sleep. What are my options using the current WD tools available or command line inputs?

Thanks in advance, Del

You may want to look at this earlier topic about this problem.

I had a look at the thread mentioned above and am still looking for a way to adjust the power management settings on the WD Elements drive hardware.

Is there a tool/command line that will allow updating firmware sleep time without opening the drive enclosure for WD Elements 5TB WBDWLG0050HBK-NESN? Clicking off every 8 seconds is going to wear the disk out fast otherwise. My plan is to use this for XBox One game storage.