Windows 7 Scheduled Backup Question

I installed WD My Passport external drive tonite with continuous backup enabled in SmartWare. Do I still need to have a scheduled backup in Win 7 ? Thanks for your help.

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If you are using Smartware and you already ran the first backup you dont need to schedule the next backup, Smartware is going to be working on the background, that means everytime you have new data that information is going to backup right away.

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Smartware only backs up certain file types. It does not do a System Image like Windows 7.



As Joe stated, WD Smartware can backup certain files, such as:






Try the link below, it contain information on how to create a backup using WD Smartware:

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So I should continue with my weekly scheduled backups in Win 7 ?


Yes you can continue with your weekly backup on windows 7.

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Can I store a System Image created with the Win 7 Backup and Restore program on the WD drive ? I’m still a little confused about what I can store and retrieve on the WD drive since it recognizes only certain file types.

Yes just make a separate file for the Windows backups don’t try putting it in with the Smartware backups.


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