Windows 7 problem

Hi All,

my work book works fine with every system, linux, vista, apple. However on my wifes notebook (windows 7) it will not connect to the drive. I can connect by going to explorer and logging in via the IP.  However it will not map the drive, it appears to not like ip’s having names, so it won’t look up mynetbook on the network.  It gives an 0x80070035 unable to resolve name error.  Doing some googling I’ve found this error with windows 7 reported many times, however no has give an answer.

I don’t want to log in via the IP as this takes me to the dashboard not the folders. 

So how can I map the drive in windows 7.  Thanks.

Have you try using the WD LINK software?

Thanks that worked!

Software wasn’t on my install CD or didn’t show up on any google searches for the error!