Windows 7 problem


just intsalled windows 7 and now the laptop wont read my wd external harddrive. the harddrive is fine, works in other computers so the last thing i want to do is re format it and loose everything. 

have tried downloading new drivers and a ubswitch 

heard this is a problem with the new windows not the drive, apparently need to turn off a firmwire? but havent a clue how to do it?

has anyone overcome this yet???


Does the drive show in device manager or disk manager? Go into device manager and try updating the USB drivers and USB controller drivers. If the drivers for USB don’t update try deleting and then rebooting and it should load the new ones from windows then. Also try different ports and not a hub. If this is a powered drive try rotating plug 180 degrees. If it worked on the laptop before installing Windows 7 it’s more likely a Windows problem.