Windows 7 not recognizing the My Book 3TB on USB 3.0

I have WD My Book 3TB USB 3.0 drive and WD USB 3.0 PCIe add in card. It all worked perfectly on my old XP box. I just got a new Windows 7 box  (Powerspec B-632 from Micro Center) and the Drive works on USB 2.0 but not on the 3.0 add in card. This is the same card that was in old XP box. The power light on the drive lights but Windows 7 does not recognize it. I installed the driver from the CD that came with the card and the dialog box said it was successful.  Am I missing something?

Well it seems to me there got to be something wrong with the installation, not the drive itself. If the unti used to work with the same card on a different computer is a card issue.

I’ve seen other users around this forum with the same issue.  I’d contact wd to let them know that you’re have issues connecting the drive through usb 3.0.  also, you may want to investigate your mother board.  it’s also possible that the usb bridge you’re connecting to through the pci slot may not be compatible.  I’ve heard that usb 3.0 doesn’t work on some south bridges on the board.  (or was it north bridges?)  that boils down to being a compatibility issue.