Windows 7 Not (Always) Connecting to Mapped My Book World

I posted this to a Widows forum.  A suggestion was made to try this forum because the issue might be with the WD My Book World.

I am using Windows 7.  The Western Digital My Book World, 1 TB NAS is mapped correctly.  I have added credentials through the Windows credentials manager in the Control Panel.  The credentials are being remembered after logoff, shut-down and re-boot.  If I shut-down and re-boot immediately, or, perhaps, within a 12 hour period, the machine will reconnect to the mapped drive at logon.  However, if more than 12 hours elapses between shut-down and re-boot, I get the now-very-familiar “could not connect to all network drives” message and both folders of the NAS are shown to be disconnected in Computer.  Of course, a click on the correct folder will connect.  That is a pain, and the rest of my family that uses this computer will not remember to do this every time.  It becomes quite a mess if iTunes is loaded with the NAS disconnected, since the music library obviously will not load and will then need to be re-selected the next time the program is started.  I do not expect the other family members to be able to remember each of these steps. 

Thus, does anyone know how to fix this to ensure that the mapped NAS will perpetually reconnect at logon?  Do I need to modify any settings in the My Book World?

Thanks in advance. 

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I am having identical issue.  So it isn’t a one time fluke. Hope someone has found a solution.

I have this exact same issue.  Is there a solution of any kind.  The only way I get things to work is to turn off my wireless router so that the connection to the WD drive is no longer then and then everything works.  Today, I determined that this issue is also messing up my SD drive.

I need some kind of solution fast.

This could be one of two issues:

When you reboot, sometimes Windows 7 won’t reconnect to the mapped drive share, and a little red x will show up on the mapping.  If you double click on the mapped share, it should reconnect.  That’s a Windows 7 issue.  However, if the drive is just dropping offline after a while, then it could be a drive issue, and we are already looking into that to find the cause and a fix for it.

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