Windows 7 - Network Shares work then after a while I get the invalid username/password

I’ve had this issue for many years now but with my Windows 7 Pro boxes acting as Network Shares, I am able to login in. 

Then after a while (especially after adding files), I get the dreaded invalid user/password error.  After I reboot, the error is generally fixed. 

But the reboots are a pain in the neck.  

Now I acccept that this is a Windows issue.  

What could be causing network shares to fail (with the invalid user/password error) after time.  Is there some limit in the amount of samba connections.  

One thing is that my Windows 7 Home laptop never has this issue. Only my two desktops with Windows 7 Pro.  

Any information would be deeply appreciated. 

hi there, there should not be a problem with the amount of samba connections to the computer what you can try is once you log in to the unit check the remember me check mark.


I suggest waiting for the problems to occur and then checking the Event Viewer logs for relevant messages. (Hit Windows Key + R then type eventvwr.msc [Enter] - check Application and System logs).

I had a similar problem a couple years ago and it was fixed by a registry tweak, unfortunately I do not recall exactly what it was but I found a couple links based on my recollection:

The one I am really leaning toward (I think the one that solved my problem) is the second half of the first link:


Change value to 3 and then reboot.

I do not think my problem was exactly yours, but I rmember the file shares failing after a period of time and this fixing it. I have checked the machine that I think was the culprit at the time and it has the value 3, which is not the default so I know I changed that one for some reason. I no longer use that machine as a file server, now have a NAS doing that job, so I’m not 100% sure, but I think so.

That IRPStackSize really rings a bell with me but looking at the PC in question, I do not see that I ever added that key, so I could just be completely insane.

Your comment about Win7 Home vs Pro makes me think of back in XP when there was simple file sharing vs advanced file sharing, and I wonder if maybe something similar still exists in Win7 and perhaps the difference accounts for the difference you are experiencing between the two OSs.

In any case, even if my fix is wrong for your your problem, checking Windows event logs would be the best place to start. If you can identify a relevant error message or messages you’ll at least know what to search for in pursuit of a solution.

Good luck.

This is a WD problem.  I see it regularly during extended viewing.  What likely happens is that the buffers get filled and don’t reset themselfs. 

A couple of power cycles (until it rescans the library) usually clears everything and you are good to go again.